Executive Coaching


The #1 challenge facing all business executives?




A sense of feeling alone in thinking through the challenges facing top executives.  Your deepest thinking is typically not shared with Board, staff, peers, or even with family and friends, but would benefit from being heard and worked.




As your executive coach, I will connect with you as a "thought partner," joining you to think through the many high level decisions that ultimately fall to you. 


Let's sit across from one another, lean forward and work it through.

Personal Life Coaching


The #1 word used to explain the separation between you and the good life?




Whether it is physical changes such as moves from this to that or mental changes such as shifting perspective for better clarity of thought, those who seek the good life focus on:




Let's craft your transition by identifying the here, the there, the space between them and the building blocks that pave the way.


We’ll build a bridge and courageously, with dignity, cross it.

My Coaching Promise:


I will meet you where you are

to cheer and challenge

your being moved to move forward.